Fractal cauliflower

Some plants (and other things besides) can be described using fractals. Maths can be a) pretty and b) tasty.

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Here is a collection of some testimonials from parents and students at GCSE, A-level and university.

... from university students

"I started going to Colin for help in my second year of sixth form after getting my AS-level results, (ABCE). I ended up getting AAA at A-Level in Maths, Further Maths and Economics and I can say with 100% certainty that I would not have got these results had I not had Colin as a tutor.
I am now doing a degree in Maths at Kings College London and I still travel home once a week for the sole purpose of having an hour's tuition with Colin. He is always about when he is needed, has never let me down and above all is a genuinely outstanding teacher at all levels. I would recommend Colin to absolutely anybody"

BT, King's College London

"Before starting with Flying Colours Maths I always struggled with my confidence when it came to maths, I never felt I was capable of answering the questions I was set. However, after using Flying Colours Maths I gained confidence in my maths abilities, allowing me to focus properly on the questions and in turn allowing me to answer them. After two weeks of tuition I was able to increase my maths exam result by 30%. And I can't thank Colin enough."

SA, Loughborough University

"I hadn't done maths since GCSE and so I was struggling with the maths component of my university course. But thanks to Colin's coaching, I got full marks on my last test!"

MW, Dundee University

"I am planning on recommending Colin's tutoring to any of my friends who need help. He was patient and made the material easier to understand despite the fact that I hadn't taken math in years. I got a great grade too!"

MC, Utah State University

"Really helpful and effective in advice and guidance. Worth the hourly rate. Thanks."

AR, Exeter University

"Colin somehow mastered the MATLAB program without having it in front of him! I had never done math in an application like MATLAB and he calmed me down and showed me how to do it in small bits. Colin worked hard to help me understand the concepts of each lesson and I passed this very difficult university class with a new skill under my belt!"

MD, Coastal Carolina University

... from A-level students

"Great teacher and really helps you out with any problem that you have... try Colin as your tutor and see for yourself!"

Kat S

"I found the classes very helpful because the maths problems I had were broken down into to smaller simpler pieces, which made it a lot more easy for me to understand. Once I understood the basics, it was easier to understand the original problem."

Becca B

... from GCSE students

"I was a bit worried I would get more confused but I didn't. Colin showed me that the things I thought I would never be able to do were easy. The lessons were fun and the time went really quickly and I wished we had more time because I was finding it so easy to talk through the maths problems and find out what to do."

Jack P

... from parents

"Excellent tutor who we would highly recommend. My daughter’s first reaction after meeting Colin was to simply state “he’s good, he really knows his stuff”. Having recently listened in on a couple of his tutorials, I would also add that he is patient, lightly humorous and has a wonderful ability to teach each topic in a straightforward and logical way and perhaps more importantly identify any problems my daughter has and show her how to solve them. Just wish we had met Colin a couple of years earlier!"

Diane W

"Colin has been excellent helping our son with A-level maths. They have been covering the material that has been introduced in school lessons each week, but the understanding that Ainsley has following the sessions with Colin is miles ahead of where he would be without them. Colin is very patient and willing to explain concepts in a number of different ways until the message gets through. Thoroughly recommended!"

Chris C

"Finding Colin was a huge relief as he will spend his time finding the way that your child understands best. J. now realises that he does 'get' maths and it's a pleasure to see."

Amanda W

"We had tears and tantrums in the couple of weeks leading up to my son's maths GCSE because he had such low self-confidence. A friend gave us Colin's details, but we were worried that we had left it too late to make a difference. We shouldn't have been concerned. Just one session later he was so much happier and by the end of another 2 online sessions, he was really confident. I can 100% recommend Colin, and urge other parents to give their child the opportunity, even if it is very close to their exams, it is still worth it."

Victoria P

"Colin is very patient and calm... We are very pleased to have found him as he has made a considerable difference to our son's confidence in his own ability and self esteem."

Penny P

"Colin has been excellent. From lesson one he has been able to explain principles and strategies to help my daughter understand IGCSE maths and develop much needed confidence in the subject. Importantly he has been able to explain things in a clear and concise way recognising her personal needs and pace."

Lynn T

"I was looking for a good school for my son to enter at 13 yrs old. He needed extra lessons in maths to pass the entrance exams so Colin helped him prepare for these tests. My son passed and is now able to go to the private school he wants to attend. I would like to thank Colin for his help and his patience to secure a place for my son. I would recommend Colin with giving extra maths lessons and will also contact him again to help my son with his GCSE."

Anna M

"D. was approaching his GCSEs and stuggling to keep up with his maths course- and homework due to the lack of understanding the principles involved. We contacted Colin who worked with D. to understand the key principles and, even after a couple of lessons, the difference was noticeable. D. understood how maths worked, his confidence grew exponentially as did his results and he was soon one of the top boys in his year! We would recommend Colin's 1 to 1 tuition to anyone and, once D. starts A-level maths later this year, he will be going back to Colin ensuring that he has a head-start over his fellow pupils!"

Eddie G

"Colin asked J. exactly what he felt he needed help with and then explained these areas in terms that J. could relate to. Instead of just showing him how, he also explained why. This was the turning point and just a few months later, J. went on to achieve a grade B in his GCSE. We are most grateful and feel that Colin's help definitely made the difference."

Della P

"Very patient and thorough tutor with great sensitivity. Helped my daughter get a really good result in her GCSE maths. Strongly recommended."

Simon B